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Optimal Measures, established in March 2017, is a consulting firm dedicated to meticulously addressing and adeptly resolving the diverse challenges faced by our clients. With a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial experience fueling our passion, gained over the last two decades, we focus on fortifying the very foundations of businesses, providing bespoke, strategic solutions tailored to ensure their flourishing success. Having worked with leadership teams across multiple countries, our founder recognized that critical aspects of businesses were often overlooked or undervalued, minimized, subject to shortcuts, lack of funding, or left to languish as the "I'll get to it later" tasks. Optimal Measures was born with a mission to provide robust expertise in these often-neglected business dimensions. Our commitment is unwavering - we prioritize what's best for your business, always. Our team boasts an impressive array of qualifications; from professional Doctorates and Masters degrees; to patent awards; to business postnominals from PMI, SHRM, World at Work; IT recognitions such as CCISO, ITIL, CompTia+ certs, Six Sigma; significant on the job expertise; and exceptional customer service. It is this impressive combination that equips us to comprehensively understand every facet of your business and, in turn, guide our clients to prosperity.

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Our vision at Optimal Measures is straightforward yet powerful: we strive to transform businesses of all types, be it in retail, the fuel industry, healthcare, not-for-profit, or beyond, into thriving entities that lead their industries. We envision a business world where the seemingly neglected aspects of an organization receive the attention they deserve, contributing to comprehensive and sustained success. Our commitment to innovation and unparalleled expertise will be the driving force behind this vision, ensuring that businesses emerge stronger and more resilient, ready to tackle any challenge.

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At Optimal Measures, we have a dual mission. First and foremost, we extend our unwavering dedication to businesses across diverse industries, offering comprehensive consulting services. Our emphasis on nurturing meaningful relationships ensures that every client, regardless of their nature, feels understood and supported. In addition, we passionately support not-for-profits, often providing our services at minimal or no cost, enabling these organizations to flourish and expand their societal impact. At Optimal Measures, we're committed to fostering prosperity in businesses while cultivating human connections to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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